Wall formwork



Universal professional formwork system «PSK-Classic» allows to create perfectly smooth concrete surfaces. It is large-area formwork. The flexibility of this system lies in its application possibility for any complexity concrete works on various objects with different geometry of the walls, including perfectly smooth radius.

 PSK-CLASSIC is a three-component system consisting of load-bearing steel walers, supporting H20 beams and forming surface — laminated plywood with thickness of 21 mm. Wide range of load-bearing walers makes it easy to choose the optimal set of formwork for any design peculiarities of the object under construction, while high load-bearing capacity allows you to form walls and columns of great heights. The permissible bearing capacity of the PSK-CLASSIC formwork system in the standard version is 100 kN/m2, however, thanks to the design of the panels, it is possible to increase the maximum permissible load from concrete up to 200 kN/m2.

For more than 20 years, the PSK-CLASSIC formwork system has been actively used throughout Russia and the CIS both in civil engineering and in the construction of large industrial facilities, tunnels, bridges and energy facilities.

The advantages of using the PSK-CLASSIC formwork system:

  • perfect concrete surface quality and walls geometry;
  • high bearing capacity;
  • concrete casting of high height walls (up to 6 m, while respecting concrete casting regulations) in one step;
  • forming of round and curved walls with a radius of 2.5 m and a height of 4.5 m per fill;
  • high speed installation due to the assembly of large formwork sheets
  • compatibility with other wall formwork systems types;
  • ability to change the size and sheet curvature to create custom shapes
  • design flexibility allows this system use where application of other formwork systems types is not allowed.


PSK-DELTA universal large-panel steel formwork maximally combines advanced technologies in the production of equipment for monolithic construction. This type of formwork combines the most convenient and safe installation, high assembly speed, extended service life and the ability to adapt to structures of any complexity.

The frame of PSK-DELTA formwork panels is made of high-strength steel 3 mm thick protected by anti-corrosion powder coating, and the deck is made of moisture-resistant laminated birch plywood with an increased laminate density of 220 g/m2.

The design of the shields ensures their high bearing capacity and is 90 kN/m2. Formwork PSK-DELTA is produced in accordance with GOST 34329-2017, and complies with grade 1, which is approved by a certificate of conformity.

PSK-DELTA formwork is successfully used in the construction of structures such as walls, columns, foundations, elevator shafts, bridge supports, etc. The system uses a universal lock (EUstadard) providing the single connecting part and ensuring coherence, evenness and tightness of connection.

An opening for a tension bar has a conical shape, which enables moving the tension bar at an angle of 4° whatsoever right and left and facilitates cleaning from concrete; a taper sleeve is made of steel. The tension bar diameter may be up to 20 mm.

All bushings in the shield are flared, which eliminates their damage or flying out during mechanical action. A special mounting recess in the profile allows you to quickly and easily remove the panels, eliminating their damage.

 The advantages of using the «PSK-Classic» formwork system:

  • high speed of formwork assembly;
  • high bearing capacity;
  • high quality of the concrete surface;
  • ease of use of one set at various sites;
  • minimum number of lost elements

• increased turnover of formwork panels and accessories;


Frame modular formwork PSK-MSK is light panel formwork, main element has the following dimensions 100 cm x 150 cm. Bearing structure of the panels is made of galvanized strip steel 6mm thick, and the deck is made of moisture-resistant laminated birch plywood 15mm thick.

This type of formwork is most in demand at construction sites, which have difficulties in using lifting mechanisms. Due to the low weight of the panels, simple and easy installation is possible without the using of lifting mechanisms. Formwork PSK-MSK can be mounted as individual panels or as pre-assembled panels. The range of standard sizes of shields allows you to gain any height in increments of 250 mm and width in increments of 5 cm. The maximum bearing capacity of PSK-MSK formwork is 60 kN/m2.

PSK-MSK is popular with builders due to its lightness, convenience and easy adaptation to any construction site, whether it be cottages, residential buildings, shopping centers, bridge supports, silos, tanks, hydro, thermal, nuclear power plants, objects under construction UP-DOWN technologies, etc.

The advantages of using the «PSK-Classic» formwork system:

  • small weight of panels;
  • galvanized frame;
  • high quality of the concrete surface;

• maximally simple adaptation to objects of any type;


The best price for steel panel formwork!

Wall formwork MSK TT is a panel formwork with a possibility of manual installation.

It is designed for concrete and reinforced concrete construction of structures with various configurations, sizes and purposes and wall thickness from 150 to 400 mm (50 mm increments), such as:

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Columns

The supporting structure of the MSK TT formwork is a frame made of combined strip and box profiles with 10 cm width and 6 mm thickness. Inside of the frame there is a laminated plywood sheet with a 12 mm thickness. The main element has dimensions of 75x300cm.


  • 5 standard sizes of panels that allow you to assemble formwork of any shape and configuration.
  • Each panel of this system is universal.
  • Light weight provides MSK TT formwork mounting without using lifting mechanisms.
  • The maximum height of formwork installation is 3.3 m, the maximum width of a formed wall is 40 cm.
  • The formwork system has MSK TT+ panels for columns forming, with a cross section of up to 60x60cm with 5cm in increments.

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