Wall formwork



Universal professional formwork system «PSK-Classic» allows you to create perfectly smooth concrete surfaces. It is large-area formwork. The flexibility of this system lies in its application possibility for any complexity concrete works on various objects with different geometry of the walls, including perfectly smooth radius.

It is a three-component system consisting of load-bearing steel walers, supporting H20 beams and forming surface — laminated plywood with thickness of 21 mm. Wide range of load-bearing walers makes it easy to choose the optimal set of formwork for any design peculiarities of the object under construction, while high load-bearing capacity allows you to form walls of great heights.

For more than 20 years this formwork has been actively used throughout Russia and the CIS in standard construction and construction of industrial buildings, shopping centers, office and residential buildings, bridges and tunnels. It is indispensable in the construction of treatment facilities bowls, cooling towers, swimming pools and other construction industries, where there is a need for a radial (radius) surface formation.

The advantages of using the «PSK-Classic» formwork system:

  • perfect concrete surface quality and walls geometry;
  • high bearing capacity;
  • concrete casting of high height walls (up to 6 m, while respecting concrete casting regulations) in one step;
  • forming of round and curved walls with a radius of 2.5 m and a height of 4.5 m per fill;
  • high speed installation due to the assembly of large formwork sheets
  • compatibility with other wall formwork systems types;
  • ability to change the size and sheet curvature to create custom shapes
  • design flexibility allows this system use where application of other formwork systems types is not allowed.


PSK-DELTA system is well suited for both simple and composite structures. So, the use of PSK-DELTA shuttering is always cost-effective. This is realized through the structural features of a panel frame, lock and components. The panel design makes it possible to conduct in concrete works without limiting the speed of concrete casting up to the height of 3 meters. The robot-aided fabrication workshop ensures perfect geometry of shuttering panels.

• Wall formwork
• Column formwork Column formwork
• Universal formwork
• Radial wall formwork
• Foundation formwork
Steel closed section 120×60 mm with polymer powder coating and robust section-shaped cross bars provide high torsion strength and a bearing capacity of the shuttering of up to 90 kN/m2. This formwork is produced according to GOST R52085-200 and complies with grade 1, which is approved by a certificate of conformity.
The system uses a universal lock (EUstadard) providing the single connecting part and ensuring coherence, evenness and tightness of connection.
An opening for a tension bar has a conical shape, which enables moving the tension bar at an angle of 4° whatsoever right and left and facilitates cleaning from concrete; a taper sleeve is made of steel. The tension bar diameter may be up to 20 mm.
The frame features openings for handling.
On the frame, an 18 mm birch plywood is installed featuring enhanced water resistance and a density of the laminating layer of 220 g/m2, which ensures long life and high quality of the concrete surface.
Delta formwork is produced using state-of-art robot-aided equipment.
The frame is coated with powder coating in coater rooms at a temperature of 300°C, which increases the formwork life and facilitates cleaning from concrete.

  1. 3-mm thick 120×60 mm steel closed section with polymer powder coating and robust sectionshaped cross bars ensure high torsion strength of PSK-DELTA shuttering and its bearing capacity of up to 90 kN/m2.
  2. Easy and quick connection of shuttering panels. Thanks to a special section mounted around the perimeter of the shuttering panel, you can place a universal lock at any point making it possible to create vertical shifts of the shuttering panels.
  3. Easy mounting of drawbolts owing to large taper sleeves. You can use drawbolts of up to 20.0 mm in diameter.
  4. Openings for transportation enable fast handling.
  5. Birch plywood of an increased water resistance and thickness of 18 mm coated with laminate of the 220 g/m2 density ensures long life and high quality of the concrete surface.
  6. Mounting handle (optional)


Frame modular formwork PSK-MSK is light panel formwork, main element has the following dimensions 100 cm x 150 cm. Mounting element height is 7.5 cm. Bearing structure is a rack screen of strip iron with dimensions of separate cells of 25 x 25 cm. 11-layered plywood board 15 mm thick covered with laminated film is inserted into the structure of steel frames.

Frame modular formwork PSK-MSK is light panel formwork is of the following types:
  • Foundation formwork
  • Wall formwork
  • Lift well formwork
  • Wall formwork (compound node points)
  • Column formwork
  • Bent surface formwork

Element height is 750 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 mm

Modular formwork MSK has ideal gradation of all height ranges, from foundation to necessary wall heights. Base element width is 100 cm. Due to great width range of finishing (fitting) elements, for example 75, 60, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30 and 25 cm and presence of compensating element of 5 cm, formwork can be adapted to any monolith project. At construction sites where there is no crane formwork installation can be executed manually due to light weight of elements (100 x 125 = 49.5 kg).


The best price for steel panel formwork!

Wall formwork MSK TT is a panel formwork with a possibility of manual installation. It is designed for concrete and reinforced concrete construction of structures with various configurations, sizes and purposes and wall thickness from 150 to 400 mm (50 mm pitch), such as:

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Columns

The supporting structure of the MSK TT formwork is a frame made of combined strip and box profiles with 10 cm width and 6 mm thickness. Inside of the frame the is a laminated plywood sheet with a 12 mm thickness.

  • 5 standard sizes of panels that allow you to assemble formwork of any shape and configuration.
  • Each panel of this system is universal.
  • Light weight provides MSK TT formwork mounting without using lifting mechanisms.
  • The maximum height of formwork installation is 3.3 m, the maximum width of a formed wall is 40 cm.
  • The formwork system has MSK TT+ panels for columns forming, with a cross section of up to 60x60cm with 5cm pitch.