Special formwork

Climbing formwork PSK SLS

Accelerating the construction process leads to significant economic benefits. The faster the building is erected, the more profit developers get. The use of self-lifting technology allows not only to quickly build monolithic structures, but also to save human resources and carry out formwork work without using a crane.

Self-climbing formwork PSK SLS is used in the construction of high-rise buildings that cannot be erected using standard systems or the use of Сlimbing systems is more profitable.

The advantages of using the «PSK-SLS » formwork system:

  • high quality of the executed designs;
  • quick installation, dismantling and movement of the formwork to the next stage of the monolithic structure;
  • one speed of work in any period of construction;
  • high speed of erection of vertical structures: 4 days one floor or concreting block;
  • saving crane time and human resources.

Hydraulic climbing formwork is used for the construction of stiffening cores of high-rise buildings, supports and pylons of bridges, and other structures that require speed, quality and safety of concrete work. We guarantee reliability, speed and safety in the construction of high-rise buildings thanks to our climbing construction technology.

Perimeter safety screens PSK-SVS

Recently, in modern cities, the most effective direction in construction is the construction of high-rise buildings. The pace of development of high-rise construction is growing, and at the same time, the requirements for labor protection when working at height and the requirements for protective fences, as well as the impact of objects under construction on the surrounding infrastructure, are increasing.

One of the solutions that meet all the requirements for the safety of work are protective screens around the perimeter. Protective screens around the perimeter of a building under construction are protective external support fences with an additional function of weather protection (wind).

The main purpose of windshields is to ensure safe construction and installation work at high-rise industrial and civil construction sites:

  • Prevent people from falling. For example, during the construction of a monolithic residential building.
  • Creation of comfortable working conditions. Prevention of atmospheric impact such as wind, rain, snow.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions at several levels. On a newly built and under construction floor.
  • Protection against falling objects from floors during the construction of new floors or levels.
  • Ensuring normal conditions for hardening and curing of concrete.

The main advantages over other protective fences:

  • Cover the entire perimeter of the building at several levels forming a continuous barrier.
  • The method of movement to the next floor does not require dismantling and installation of screens in a new location.

Possibility of lifting with the help of hydraulic equipment without the participation of a crane.

  • Withstands wind force up to 40 m/s with additional fastening to the ceiling.
  • Has a rigid framework with the big bearing capacity.
  • With certain configurations, they can be used as platforms for the passage of people and exit from ceilings or installation and storage of the necessary tools and small equipment.
  • The height above the slab under construction is from 2 to 5 m, and not 1.2 m like other fences.
  • Screen surfaces can be used to place advertisements and other information.

Thus, the PSK-SVS wind protection system allows you to function effectively at high altitude in strong winds, snowfalls and showers. This allows construction and installation work to be carried out throughout the year and to prevent forced downtime. As a result, buildings are always ready on time and the financial costs of developer companies are reduced.

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