H20 Timber Beam


All products are environmentally friendly, certified and correspond to the EU environmental standards.
I-beam is intended to be used as a bearing component of wall form
Our beams are furnished with a plastic cap fixed on the beam ends. That protects beam from damages and ensures a long service life. PSK H20 Timber beam flanges are made of oriented wood.
The plywood plate of the beam-Н20 24mm thick is made from a single strip of high-quality Northern coniferous trees plywood of 3 meters in length. To make a beam more than 3 meters long more rigid the plywood plate is joined by a longitudinal spike (3 cm). PSK H20 Timber beam plate and flanges are glued together by mini-dovetail joints.
High load-bearing capacity of the beams-Н20 allows using them in constructions with large spans, it therefore helps to reduce the number of beams used.
The warranty period use of I-beam is 40 cycles.
We use only modern equipment from European manufacturers and pay much attention to the quality assurance.

«TAVR» H20

Identification name of beam TAVR
Certificate of Conformity № РОСС RU.АИ09.Н00318
Main technical features Indices Norm Fact
Elastic modulus (MPa) 6000 6070
Lateral force (kN) 10 16,48
Bending moment (kN) No less 9,5 12,62
Plate White (not covered by a laminate) solid waterproof birch plywood 24mm thick
Supplier of raw materials: SVEZA
Title of raw material: SVEZA Exterior Plywood
Flange Solid 100% oriented wood
Supplier of raw materials: Stora Enso Oyj Melnhof Group
Technical regulations TU 5366-001-99187742-2007 (amendment number 2)

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